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Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
04 November 2006 @ 09:36 am
Where to start? I guess at the beginning and that would be with my bachelorette party since I haven't posted about that yet.

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Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
19 October 2006 @ 08:11 pm
Also, the tux shop screwed up our order. They're ordering in what we need tomorrow. Hopefully it will be right. But of course that means another trips needs to be made.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
19 October 2006 @ 07:19 pm
Andy's dad went into the hospital last week because his heel split and the wound wasn't healing (due to his diabetes). He had to under go surgery to clean out the wound. He was in a lot of pain after the surgery. He called today to tell us that they were admitting him back into the hospital, infection was spreading and he wouldn't be able to make it to the wedding. We're all devasted.

Can all the bad be over, please?
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
19 October 2006 @ 09:46 am
We're getting married in 2 days and there's going to be some hustle and bustle going on! Today we're trying to find Lizi a dress. We're picking up my dress from Annette's as it has been pressed. My mom is picking up my tanzanite ring (we had to get it sized) and some nibble foods for Friday night and Saturday morning. Andy and I are taking a motley crew of groomsmen, dads and ringbearer to try on and pick up their tuxes. I also have to make a special stop to pick up the final touch for Andy's wedding present. I also have to pick up the final piece of the groomsmens' gifts. Centerpieces still need to be arranged. Final place cards printed and ribbons need to be sewn on my shoes to keep them on my feet. Oh, and Andy is going to take our cake toppers to the baker and pay her today. La la la la.

Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
18 October 2006 @ 02:26 pm
So... yeah.

Last night my mom and Brandy came over and we tied the place cards to the wooden rose favors. They look really nice. The roses are ivory and the ribbon is burgundy and the place cards have leaf stamps on them to designate meals. I am happy with how they came out. Andy and my mom also put all the votive candles in the holders, so that’s done.

Unfortunately during this flurry of activity, I was contacted by my bridesmaid Leslie, who informed me that she (and her husband) simply didn’t have the financial means to make it to the wedding. Things are extremely hard for them and finances have a strangle-hold on their lives. I know and understand that. And of course things are down to the line for Andy and I and we don’t have the extra money necessary to get Leslie and James here. Hands are tied. People are upset, sad, disappointed. Timing is bad. Emotions are turbulent. So, unfortunately, she had to back out and will not longer be able to make it to the wedding or be a bridesmaids. Of course, that’s the extremely simplified version but those are the main points and the rest is between Leslie and I. What else can really be said about a really crappy situation? Not much really. These are unfortunate circumstances. I told Leslie to keep the dress, that I would pay her back for it and try to help offset some of her costs after the honeymoon. And well, that’s that.

After the decision was made with Leslie, Andy and I pow-wowed and decided to call Lizi to ask her to stand with me as a bridesmaid (not as a replacement because Leslie isn’t replacable but as an addition but because I am lucky to have many people that I love and that love me and I am sure Leslie will understand as she knows how Andy and I feel about Lizi). Lizi is someone whom Andy and I have become closer too over the place year and a half since we picked our wedding party and we have been feeling for the last few months that we would love to have her in our wedding party but that with everything being set and not wanting to have uneven lines, we didn’t know how that was possible. And it wasn’t as if we wanted her instead of someone we already had, we wanted her in addition to everyone. But we just couldn’t see how to do it so late in the game. So we asked her to be our reader. After some discussion with Lizi and Adam (her fiance) about transportation (the biggest issue because Lizi is in a wheelchair because she was paralyzed in a car accident 18 months ago (but she can crawl now and that is amazing!)) she accepted and said that she will be my bridesmaid. Obviously she won’t have the same dress. We’re still not sure what the heck she is going to wear. But we’re going to work on it in the next few days.

I’m still not sure how I feel. I think I am in shock about everything. I’m sad and upset and very, very tired. I am glad to have Lizi standing with me but I am so sad and disappointed that it happened this way. I am upset that I won’t get to see Leslie. I am sad because I know she feels badly. But she has been so enthusiastic and tried her best to be as helpful as possible through the whole process that I am thankful for her. At this point we all just have to keep on, keeping on and pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and make the best of things that we can.

I really wish I didn’t have to be at work today.

Andy and I have a few days to try and make things work out.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
17 October 2006 @ 10:40 pm
Well, fuck me.

Andy's mom is a bitch. Lost a bridesmaid. Heard from guests that RSVPed yes that they probably won't be able to come.

Hi, I'm Holly and tonight sucks.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
17 October 2006 @ 02:23 pm
Got most of the place cards printed last night. I, of course, ran out with three sheets left to print. Oh well. I also rearranged a couple of the centerpiece. Like 3. So I have 14 left to do. Haha.

Tonight mom and Brandy are coming over and helping me tie the place cards to the wooden roses and put the votive candles in the holders. That should go fast with 3 of us.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
16 October 2006 @ 02:25 pm
Oh, I forgot to mention! Today I walked into the office and discovered a giftbag for me and Andy by my desk. It's from the sports editor and his wife. How sweet of them was that?! So nice.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
16 October 2006 @ 02:14 pm
Last night I preregistered Andy and I for our honeymoon cruise so that we can get aboard the ship quicker next Monday (!!!!!) and I also booked a shore excursion for us. AND I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT!

Our first stop, on Oct. 26, is on the island of St. Maarten. I booked us for the Horseback Adventure with Ocean Ride! I can't wait. I love horses. I love riding. I'm super excited.

The details of it? From carnival.com -
What better way to discover the beautiful trails and protected area of Cay Bay than on horseback?

On this excursion you will:

* Take a short, scenic drive to the stables in Simpson Bay.
* Be partnered with a horse compatible to your ability, issued with the compulsory riding helmets and take part in a safety briefing.
* Ride, 11⁄4 hours, through the winding trails of Cay Bay to a magnificent lookout point over the Caribbean.
* Continue to Cay Bay Beach to ride your horse in the ocean!
* Make photo stops throughout your ride before heading back to the stables.

Bottled water will be provided. Helmets must be worn during the horseback ride and life vests will be provided during your ride in the ocean.

Dress accordingly; clothes will get wet. Long pants, closed-toe shoes, and sunscreen are recommended. 


We're going to book our excursions for Barbados and Martinique soon.

Also yesterday my mom and I altered her veil, successfully dyed it ivory using tea and attached it to a comb. I then decorated the comb with pearls and crystals. It looks really good.

I tried printing the place cards last night but my printer was not cooperating. It would print correctly on the test sheet (which was regular paper) and then would print incorrectly on the place cards (a heavy cardstock). I'm sure it's just because of the paper weight differences but I cannot figure out how to fix it and I am very annoyed at having wasted two sheets of place cards and ink. I'm going to try to figure that out again tonight... I don't know what the deal is.

Tonight is our engagement photo session with Jim Smith. I decided to wear my tan cords, brown shoes, salmon pink long sleeve VS top with a deep V neck and some ruching around the V with a white tank underneath. I hope we get some good shots.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
15 October 2006 @ 12:54 am
One week until the wedding. Crazy. Well, actually, less than that since it's after midnight. A week from right now the wedding will have already happened. I can hardly believe that. It's surreal that something we have been planning for so long is actually going to be happening now.

Last night I finished arranging the centerpieces in preparation for filling the vases with pine needles, which my mom and I gathered today. I also decorated some hair pins with pearls and crystals last night. I don't think I am going to make more hair decoration than that but... we'll see. I also put the heel pads in my wedding shoes last night... they still don't really stay on my feet because my feet are really thin. Mom and I are thinking that we might attach an ivory ribbon to them at the ankle to help with that problem. A little bow might look cute there, right? Eh, we'll see.

This morning I brought the puppies up to my mom's and we walked around the fields gathering the pine needles. I am kind of disappointed that we missed the fall foliage peak. Almost all the trees (that aren't in the woods and thus shielded a little) are bare or mostly bare. I was really hoping for some pretty Autumn leaf pictures but... oh well. We would have had to have gotten married last weekend for that. But I am sure Jim Smith will find some good shots.

After getting the pine needles, mom and I had to bathe Stormy because she laid down in a mud puddle. That dog just isn't right.

Then we had to leave so that we could take my dress to Annette's to have it steamed. We dropped the puppies off at the house on the way. We also stopped at the travel agency because we hadn't received our packet of honeymoon information in the mail yet. That would be because they hadn't mailed it like they were supposed to. But mom and I picked it up while we were there, so it's all good. We have to preregister at some point this week and I would also like to pick our excursions and get registered for them, that way we don't have to mess with anything once we're on the ship.

Mom and I shopped a little for honeymoon clothes but of course it's freezing out now, so most stores don't have anything good for Carribean weather. But I did find a shirt in J.C. Penney for $2.97. I think we only stopped in 3 stores. I had had enough shopping by then.

After our little shopping excursion, we went back to my house and stuffed the centerpieces with the pine needles. That was an experience. Sheesh. But it's done. Now I just have to go back and rearrange the centerpieces because we knocked the roses all out of whack when putting the pine needles in.

Finally mom and I went back to her place with the puppies in tow and finished decorating the toasting glasses and then tied ribbons on all the bubbles while watching The Terminal. Now I am getting ready to crash here. Tomorrow we'll alter my mom's veil and maybe get the place cards printed. I'll also haul the suitcases and some clothes (my prom dress and Snowball dress and some clothes borrowed from my mom for the cruise) so that we can start packing because we really need to do that.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
13 October 2006 @ 07:07 pm
The reception is paid for.

::sigh of relief::

And it was less than we anticipated!

And they didn't charge us extra even though we guaranteed 150 and only had 146. Woot. And they were putting up new burgundy curtains while we were there. And it's beautiful with all the leaves, even if a lot of them are off the trees already.

And Andy's going to pay the baker on his way out of town hopefully. He and Dave are off for his bachelor party weekend.

So then all we have left is our donation to the church and Pastor Marty.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
12 October 2006 @ 08:28 pm
Oh, thank god. The dress was back to fitting perfectly this time and the bustle is gorgeous. I forgot my camera but there will be real pictures soon enough.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
12 October 2006 @ 03:27 pm
I took some quick photos today of the jewelry that I made for myself for my wedding. I’m really happy with it. :o) The photos aren’t that great. They don’t show off the jewelry nearly as well as I hoped but they do show it clearly anyway. The jewelry is much sparklier and amazing in person. :o) It’s all made with clear Swarovski crystals, natural pearls and sterling silver wire and sterling silver clasps and ear wires.

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Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
12 October 2006 @ 12:04 am
I finished my jewelry. Necklace, earrings and bracelet are done!

Now I just have to decorate some matching hair pins and possible make a headpieces type dealing and I am doing with playing with pearls and crystals.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
11 October 2006 @ 04:02 pm
Mom just called to thank me for the flowers and tell me they were beautiful. :o) And of course to tell that I didn't need to do that. She received vased red roses, red carnations, white carnations with red tips and white and yellow daisies. I had her describe them to me. Haha. She was with a patient when they came and asked them if they had sent them to her. She's silly. She sounded fairly pleased. I just want her to know she is appreciated.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
11 October 2006 @ 02:09 pm
Payments were sent out to the DJ, florist and ceremony pianist this morning.

The photographer is already paid.

We still have to pay the baker and decide how much we want to give to the church and Pastor Marty.

Oh, and the reception site of course.

But that's it (for the big things).

I think.

Am I missing something?
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
11 October 2006 @ 08:54 am
My mom has done so much for us in the wedding planning process and has been so enourmously helpful and generous. And right now she is just dealing with a lot of emotions and heartache due to Jeff's actions. Last night she took the ring she gave me up to Bon-ton for me so that I could work on my jewelry. While she was at the mall, she also picked up material to make a garter. I love her. So this morning I called the Valley Flower Shoppe and they will be delivering a vased flower arrangement to her at work sometime today. It wasn't too expensive - around $25 - and my mom is more than worth it. On the card I had them write, "Thank you, mom. We appreciate everything you have done for us so much. We love you. Love, Holly and Andy." I can't wait to hear from her after she gets them. :o)
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
10 October 2006 @ 05:58 pm
I finally took a moment to take a picture of our wedding bands. They’re just quick photos so... don’t mind that things aren’t even matched up and pretty. They still show off the rings well.

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Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
10 October 2006 @ 03:49 pm
Well, Andy's bachelor party is this Saturday. Adam wants him to come down to his place on Friday, so Andy and Dave are going to head down then. I'm guessing he'll be home Sunday. I'd really like for him to be home in time for us to go see Jeckyl and Hyde at the Opera House. For the party I guess they are playing paintball and Xbox and Pirates and just being generally nerdy. Haha. Andy will love it.

During my lunch break I am going to try and take the tanzanite ring my mom gave me to another local jewelry shop to see if they will resize it. Otherwise I have to go to Bon-ton tonight. :o( I don't want to go to Bon-ton. But if I do go, then I can go to Joann's and get some fabric to make my garter because... yeah, I haven't done that yet.

But really I would like to just go home tonight, take the dogs for a walk and work on my jewelry. Yep. I wonder if that will happen though. I could also work on my veil... though I don't know what I want to do about that now... For some reason now I am feeling bad about wanting to cut up my mom's veil. Plus, it doesn't match my dress... I don't know. We'll see.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
09 October 2006 @ 11:57 pm
Finished my wedding earrings. :o)
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
09 October 2006 @ 10:56 pm
I spoke with Uncle Merle tonight about my hair and I sent him these pictures as examples of styles I am liking. Read more...Collapse )
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
09 October 2006 @ 02:28 pm
12 days until the wedding. 12 days. And so much to do.

This past weekend I took Zach to get his measurements check for his tux. You never know how much a 5 year old will grow in 8 months. But the measurements we estimated for him were almost all correct. Sweet. I brought my bridesmaids dress sample to the shop to check and see if the vests/ties/pocket squares matched and they did almost perfectly. So the groomsmen and Zach will have the burgundy vests/ties/pocket squares, dads will have black vests and ties and ivory pocket squares and Andy will have an ivory vest and tie. And no pocket square because his jacket doesn't have pockets. All will have ivory shirts. I decided to stick with the ivory shirts. So that's done.

I also picked up my wedding band Saturday, so that's done.

I got some little rinestones to glue to my shoes to add some sparkle to them because I think that would be cute.

I tried to get the ring my mom gave me at my shower for my something blue sized but the shop downtown wouldn't do it because of how the stones on the side are set. Bon-ton, where she got the ring, said they would send it out to be resized. I have to get it up there by Wednesday and then pick it up the day before the wedding. I also have to pick up the final flourish for Andy's wedding day gift on that Thursday and pick up Zach from school and take him to get his tux. Busy Thursday.

I need need need to get started on my jewelry. I also need to alter the veil if I am going to use it. I have tried to find the dye color RIT recommended for dying something ivory and haven't been able to! Urgh.

Next weekend we'll gather pine needles from the trees at my mom and Budd's and finish off the centerpieces. I guess I better finish getting them arranged then. We'll also tie ribbons around the bubbles and hopefully get the place cards done. I am enlisting the help of my mom and aunt Lisa for that. I'm thinking of now maybe sprinkling some of the pine needles on the tables at the reception. That could be cute.

I have 3 boxes of bubbles now. That's 72 bubbles. I guess I need more. Urgh.

Stuff for the guestbook table is completely. Mom got table-top stands for the collage at the Dollar store.

Stuff for the gift table is also complete. Only need the card cage for that.

Have to figure out stuff for the cake table though. I am thinking sprinkling pine needles on the table and make a small vase or two of the wooden roses.

Where shall we display the bouquets at the reception? Laid across the front of the head table? With maybe one on the cake table? Sure. I really don't know how to decorate the head table at all.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
08 October 2006 @ 09:47 pm
Bachelorette Party = Super Freakin' Awesometastic

EDIT: More later!
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
07 October 2006 @ 05:56 pm
Just picked up my wedding band from the jeweler.


But just a smidge wider than my engagement band. It will take some getting used to. :o) The two look amazing together. It's a lot of bling for a little po' Pennsyltucky girl.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
07 October 2006 @ 05:10 pm
The bachelorette party will be rocking it in just a few hours. Woot.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
06 October 2006 @ 07:40 pm
The whole scenario of inviting people to a wedding and RSVPs is strange. I mean, people that you expect to RSVP promptly don't. People that you expect to have to track down are the first ones to get their RSVP back to you. People you fully believe will attend RSVP no. People you barely know get excited to be there.

My step-dad asked us to invite a couple of his buddies, basically because he's pretty excited about the wedding. So, we invited them. No big deal, they're all guys I have hung around with at least a couple times growing up. All of them are coming. And they're excited to be there. Haha. Okay!

Yet, there are members of our wedding party who still haven't RSVPed.

We had a good majority of our guests send back their RSVP cards on time but I had to laugh when we got 5 RSVPs the day after the due date. We're still getting RSVPs in the mail now. We've managed to track down almost all of the missing RSVPs and are in the process of asking those that we invited without a guest if they would like to bring a date since we're not yet to 150.

Prime rib is the popular choice. Beating the rosemary chicken by a great deal.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
05 October 2006 @ 09:49 pm
My mom just called to ask about the bachelorette party and what was happening with it and if she was still invited. I told her that if no one had talked to her and she hadn't gotten an invitation that she probably wasn't invited. She sounded kind of sad. I feel bad. Initially, when we were talking about doing the wine tour, we had talked about inviting my mom and aunts along, but I guess no one talked to her about it when things changed. I guess my aunt Tina called my mom to see what they/we were doing Saturday. I feel really bad about it. I would have said something to my mom if I had known no one else had. I gave her Brandy's phone number.

Not that I necessarily want my mom and aunts there... I don't even know what's going on. I just feel bad that they thought they were coming and now they're not invited.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
05 October 2006 @ 03:32 pm
Andy got a call earlier this week that my engagement ring and the wedding band were going to be in at Perrywinkle’s Fine Jewelry today. You might be thinking, “But I thought they had to approve a wax carving of the band first?” And you would be correct. Typically Perrywinkle’s carves the piece out of wax and then the customer gets to approve it, then it’s cast and the real deal is made. Well, apparently there was a lapse in communication and the approval part was skipped and my band was made. The jeweler assured us that it looks just like the drawing and he thinks that we’ll be very happy with it. And if we’re not, they’ll fix it free of charge. I’m excited to see it. They’ll be sending it to get engraved as soon as they get it and we’ll probably be able to pick it up next week. I hope that it’s perfect. Andy’s relieve that they just went ahead and made the ring because he was getting nervous about it not being done in time for the wedding. At least that is mostly taken care of now. Aside from the finishing paying for it part.

We’re 2 weeks and 2 days out from the wedding. 16 days. All of the bills are coming due. This is not the fun part. Haha. I have to pay the baker, florist, DJ and ceremony pianist soon. On the 13th we have to pay the balance for the reception. Yikes! We also have to determine how much we’re going to give to Pastor Marty and the church. Urgh. I reckon some of this will be going on Andy’s credit card (he has a higher limit than I do). But then we can transfer it to the other card with no interest on balance tranfers. So... yeah. It would be nice to have more money but... we just don’t. Oh well.

I think most of the groomsmen have calling in their measurements. Andy should maybe call Jake and make sure. Alan hasn’t called in his yet but he’s going to do it soon or I am going to inflict bodily harm on him. I am taking Zach up to get measured for his ring bearer tux on Saturday. That kind of sucks because I wanted to go to the Apple & Cheese Festival and I won’t be able to go on Sunday because my mom is having a dinner for Jeff and Sarah and now I can’t go on Saturday. Boo. Anyway, I’ll also compare our bridesmaids’ dress color swatch to the vest color and make a final decision on that. If they don’t match the groomsmen will wear black vests. I also want to look at one of their ivory shirts in person. People say that the groomal party should wear ivory shirts if the bride’s dress is ivory, so that everything matches and the dress doesn’t look dirty. However, I have also heard that the ivory shirts typically look dirty and that an ivory vest and tie on top of an ivory shirt is bland looking. I don’t know. I thought maybe I would see if they had a champagne color vest and tie for Andy. Black tux, ivory shirt and champagne vest and tie? That could look good right?

I still have so many projects that need to get done. But we’re getting there. We ordered the groomal party’s gifts. We know where we want to get the wedding candle and we’ll do that in the week before the wedding.

I still have to make my jewelry, futz with the veil, finishing arranging the centerpieces, put the votive candles in the candle holders, finished getting Andy’s gift prepared and find parent’s gifts. Among many other things. We’re still not sure on what the heck we’re doing for transportation. Nevermind figuring out seating arrangements and getting the place cards done and tied to the favors.

Oh, and I have to finish that huge wedding commission. I got 5 of the necklaces done last night. 5 more to go and then 12 bracelets and I am done. I am hoping that I can finish them this week and then I just am waiting for the boxes to get here and then I can ship them out.

My dress is done and my mom and I are going to pick up my dress and hers next Thursday. The seamstress said that she thinks I will like the bustle. I hope so. I hope I fit in it this time. :o/ I think then we have to figure out where to get it steamed so that it is wrinkle free...
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
05 October 2006 @ 12:03 am
Went to Fashion Bug tonight and bought some cute shoes for $13. They are dark, dark brown and strappy and cute with a decent heel but not too high of a heel. They had another pair there for $10 that were really cute and I was tempted to get but I limited myself to one pair and I'll wear the pair I got a lot more than I'd wear the others. Though they are super cute. I also got a new brown belt since mine is falling apart. I looked at jeans at both Fashion Bug and Peebles. They were too expensive at Fashion Bug and the ones that weren't too expensive at Peebles didn't fit. So no luck there. I guess I'll wear a pair of jeans or jean capris, depending on the weather, that I already own with my new cute shoes. Oh, and my new belt. I think I am going to try and straighten my hair and see if my hair being as stright as I can get it will look better with my bangs... but if it is rainy like it has been lately... the straightness won't stay so... I don't know what my alternative is.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
04 October 2006 @ 03:30 pm
My bachelorette party is this Saturday. I don't know anything about it other than I am supposed to be ready at 7:30 p.m. I don't even know if I should eat before that or what. I guess, so?

Brandy told me that I am supposed to wear jeans and 'going out' shoes. Miriam said I could probably wear whatever pants I wanted to, they don't have to be jeans if I don't want to wear jeans. Apparently a shirt is going to be provided.

I feel like I don't have any going out shoes. I've been looking for a new pair but everything is too expensive. The shoes I have seem super boring and not cute/sexy. I don't know what pants to wear because most of my cute/cool/sexy pants don't fit anymore. My jeans are all old and kind of raggedy and I don't want to wear dress pants. I tried looking for new jeans but again... they are too expensive. I have no idea what to do with my hair because of my bangs. I feel like I am just going to look... not good. I'm going to look frumpy and wide and have bad hair and not look cute/sexy/beautiful like I want to look.

I am excited for my bachelorette party but I am sad that I am feeling so down about how I look and feel like whatever I am going to wear is going to make me look bad.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
04 October 2006 @ 12:24 am
Andyy was very successful in his mission today. Not only did he manage to talk his mom into giving me the actual photographs for his collage, but he went over and picked them up as well. I was able to complete his collage tonight, so now they are both done. I am really happy with how they came out.

My mom talked to Jeff but he still doesn't know whether or not he is going to be given leave to come to the wedding. However, even if he can't come, Sarah is going to come. Well yippidy-freakin'-doo, yee-fuckin'-haw and giiddyup. Like I give a crap if she's there. Hello, he is the important one in that equation.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
03 October 2006 @ 04:35 pm
In other news -- We got our marriage license today.
Holly and Andrew's Wedding Dreams and Schemes
02 October 2006 @ 10:58 pm
So frustrated/sad/irritated/annoyed/angry.